Our Mission

To provide individuals with means for creative expression through versatile products and services related to the visual and literary arts.
Furrows are the shallow ditches that you see in a farmer’s field. They typically serve two purposes: planting seeds and irrigation. We feel that the Furrow Books brand reflects the idea of furrows in a field because we work to provide you with means of unrestricted creative expression — a place to plant your ideas — and support your work through various mediums — helping your ideas grow.

Just as the furrows in a field fade away after they’ve fulfilled their purpose, we hope that once your work is completed, the Furrow Books brand and all that we offer will fade to be just a simple element in your creative process.

ON THE NOTEBOOKS                         

The Short Version
Furrow Books are minimalist notebooks made in America out of quality and sustainable materials which allow for fantastic people to use any ruling that they wish at any point in their notebooks through the versatile ruled insert cards.

The Long Version
Furrow Books are rooted in the belief that our notebooks should support our work and not force us to conform to the limitations set by their materials or ruling.

If we want to draw a kick-ass sword-fighting squirrel, we shouldn’t have to postpone that spark of glorious creativity because our notebook is ruled when we need a blank page. Or if we want to layout designs for an engine that runs on day-old pizza we shouldn’t leave the world waiting just because we only have a blank page when we need graph. And if we suddenly feel the need to write a coming of age novel about a quirky guy who falls for the bodacious lifeguard from the city pool the summer before his senior year of high school, we shouldn’t postpone that inevitable future teen dramedy staring Michael Cera just because we need ruled pages when our notebook only has graph.

We also shouldn’t have to carry around multiple notebooks to make sure that we have the right one if a specific need arises. And really, why would we want to carry around multiple notebooks?

Enter Furrow Books. These little beauties are produced right here in the heartland of America – Omaha, Nebraska – out of high quality and sustainable materials and they are the perfect medium for those moments when inspiration punches you in the face.

An included two-sided ruled insert card allows you to use any of three different rulings anywhere within your notebook. Quality materials let you work with a wide variety of writing instruments. And durable construction makes sure they’ll withstand the abuse of daily life.

We hope that Furrow Books will minimize the noise between the notebook, the user, and the content that they create – getting out of the way so that you can get stuff done.

The System
Original Furrow Books allow you to choose any ruling that you want, anywhere within your notebook through use of their versatile two-sided ruled insert cards. We’ve devised an ultra simple, 4-step system that provides you the utmost freedom when using your notebooks.

  • Step 1. Choose your ruling. (If blank, skip to step 3.)
  • Step 2. Slip your card behind the page that you’re working on, with your selected ruling face up.
  • Step 3. Do stuff.
  • Step 4. Filled the paper? Awesome. Turn the page and go back to step 1. Repeat as necessary.
Furrow Books Quality
We only use high quality materials sourced from the good ol’ US of A and Canada for our products. We bring them all back here to Omaha, where hard working people make hard working stuff. Don’t let the minimal printing on our covers deceive you; we go all out with offset printing. Start-up costs are higher, production takes longer, and the machines are bigger and louder.

After all of the Furrow Book components is created, we meticulously insert a card into each notebook by hand, stack them, wrap them with a band, and seal them to preserve freshness. Every Furrow Book that leaves our doors has been delicately manhandled by the hands of man.

Sound like overkill? Well, in the end, we think it’s all totally worth it.