Founding Supporter Edition

FBS-001This highly limited edition run of pocket notebooks was printed in July 2014 to celebrate the founding of Furrow Books, with a nod to the crowdfunding website, Kickstarter, where the initial funding for Furrow Books was received from 983 generous backers.

Unlike usual editions of Furrow Books, each Founding Supporter notebook is packaged and offered individually instead within a pack. Only 1,500 pocket-size and 1,500 large-size notebooks were created and each one is carefully numbered by hand.

The dark green covers are created with offset printing on a fiberous white coverstock and are slapped with a vibrant green logo and text snippet on the back. The interior paper is made of the 100% PCW recycled and acid free 60#T paper and is compatible with a wide variety of writing instruments. Slipped inside of each of these Furrow Books is a white insert that is printed with the same dark green color as the cover to provide you with the options of 1/4″ lined or 3/16″ graph ruling at any point within your notebook. Each Furrow Book is then saddlestiched with a few durable staples and given a nice 1/4″ rounding to the outside corners.



We just went live with our Kickstarter campaign earlier today and we’re off to a great start! At the time of writing this, we’re about 5 hours in and 5% of our goal has been achieved! We’re loving the momentum and feedback we’ve received so far and are looking forward to our campaign’s development! To checkout the campaign, please click here.

Furrow Books - Versatile Notebooks for Doers and Dreamers by Zeller Writing Company — Kickstarter

Beta Testing

As we get nearing to receiving our product mock-ups, we want to make sure and have some testers lined up to send them to once they’re in. Below you’ll find some information about being a beta tester and a form to sign up.

For those of you unfamiliar with Furrow Books, they are simple notebooks which provide the opportunity to use any ruling at any time within your notebook.

They come in two sizes – pocket and large. They are saddlestitched with a couple of tooth-chippin’ steel staples and the pocket size contains 48 blank white pages while the large contains 96. Included with each notebook is a two-sided card, matching the size of the notebook, which has a lined ruling on one side and a graph ruling on the other. The paper is opaque enough to allow for the lines on the card to be visible when you place it behind your current page, while being of a high enough quality to work well with pretty much any writing instrument (fountain pens included.)

There are four main ideas behind these books:

  • A notebook should never be restrictive in use because of its ruling.
  • Since the ruling is only useful during the time that you’re actually putting content onto the page, the ruling shouldn’t be there afterwards – it’s unnecessary clutter.
  • You shouldn’t have to think twice about which writing instrument to use because of the quality of the notebook’s materials.
  • There shouldn’t be extensive designs or predetermined content on or within the notebook.

The primary goal of the Furrow Books line of notebooks is to minimize the unnecessary noise and clutter between the user, their notebooks, and the content they create.

If these sounds like something you’d be interested in trying out, then read on.

Applications are now closed.

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Getting Things Started

So as you can probably tell, we’re in the early stages of Furrow Books. There aren’t even any photos on this site yet! We’re working hard to get things ready to go and will be launching a beta program here in the next week or so to allow people to test out these notebooks and provide some feedback to us so that we can perfect the design.

For now, here’s a basic timeline of what we’re looking at: