Great Plains

The first regular edition from Furrow Books pays tribute to the Great Plains – the heartland of America, and home to Furrow Books headquarters, Omaha, Nebraska. Just as the Great Plains provide a strong foundation for our nation’s agriculture, this edition of Furrow Books provide an exceptional foundation for unrestricted creative expression through […]

Founding Supporter Edition

This highly limited edition run of pocket notebooks was printed in July 2014 to celebrate the founding of Furrow Books, with a nod to the crowdfunding website, Kickstarter, where the initial funding for Furrow Books was received from 983 generous backers.

Unlike usual editions of Furrow Books, each Founding Supporter notebook […]


We just went live with our Kickstarter campaign earlier today and we’re off to a great start! At the time of writing this, we’re about 5 hours in and 5% of our goal has been achieved! We’re loving the momentum and feedback we’ve received so far and are looking forward to our campaign’s development! To […]