983 Thank Yous!

After an amazing 45-day Kickstarter campaign, we’re so excited to finally say thank you to each everyone of the 983 backers whom believed in the idea of Furrow Books and chose to help us fund the very first production run of Furrow Books. We surpassed our goal of $12,500 and received over $22,000 (just about […]

We Made It!

With just under three weeks to spare, we reached our funding goal of $12,500 on Kickstarter – which means that Furrow Books will become a reality! I can’t thank all of you who backed and shared our project and got us to where we are today. It’s amazing the amount of support we’ve received and […]


We just went live with our Kickstarter campaign earlier today and we’re off to a great start! At the time of writing this, we’re about 5 hours in and 5% of our goal has been achieved! We’re loving the momentum and feedback we’ve received so far and are looking forward to our campaign’s development! To […]

Beta Testing

As we get nearing to receiving our product mock-ups, we want to make sure and have some testers lined up to send them to once they’re in. Below you’ll find some information about being a beta tester and a form to sign up.

For those of you unfamiliar with Furrow Books, they are simple notebooks […]